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5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage at 2.39% Expand/Collapse

A fixed rate mortgage offers stability, and with it, peace of mind. 
You can be assured that you will enjoy the benefits of this low interest rate for 5 years!

This is a limited time offer - talk to your advisor today!

Personal Consolidation Loans @ 4.5% Expand/Collapse

This rate promotion is an incredible opportunity to free up cash flow, pay down revolving high interest credit or credit cards, and get some security and predictability in the current environment.

This is a fixed rate up to a maximum of 5 years, so you can be assured your payment will not change with the market.

Make one loan payment as opposed to many payments to multiple institutions!

This is a limted time offer, don't delay!

5-year Fixed Rate Agriculture Mortgage @ 3.49% Expand/Collapse

Get ahead of the game for your busy spring season!
Secure your new land for increased crops or livestock!

This is a 5-year fixed rate so you can rest easy knowing you have stability in the changing markets.

This special low rate won't last for long, contact your advisor today!



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